April Sneaks…Come & Meet My Friends…

I can't wait for you to see what's coming next month. Please meet my 'Forest Friends'. We have lots of cute little creatures joining us next month. I hope you like this first little sneak. Isn't it a cute one?! Seeing as it's April, it's Spring and the world is coming back to life again. [...]

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Cheery Blossom March Kit Updates

It's that time to update you on what's going on. Well, I'm at the final stages now of the 'pre-packing'. Packing up all the bits and pieces before the actual kit packing starts. I plan to have these kits out by the weekend. You can view my kit unboxing video here. I haven't opened up [...]

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Hello ‘Cheery’ Blossom!! Come & See what March Looks like…

Here's 'Cheery Blossom'!! (The kit can be bought here) We’ve got some really beautiful pieces this month with some stunning colours and we will be focusing on inner beauty and friendship. This month we are collaborating with ‘Little Rainbow Moon’ who have designed a beautiful set of stickers, just for us! We also have our handmade ‘Cheery [...]

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Hello ‘Cheery Blossom’

Today I have a little peep in to March... This is 'Cheery Blossom'. She is the story behind the March Kit. The story starts last March. We were lucky enough to take an amazing US Roadtrip on the way to visiting my Dad who lives in the US. One of the cities we stopped off [...]

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What’s Planned for this Week??

I always set my planner up for the week on a Sunday night. I obviously have the month planned the month before, but I like to sit down on a Sunday evening, after we've had dinner and everything is cleared away and make sure that everything is in the planner that needs to be. This [...]

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February Addons and a Winner

If one slice isn't quite enough for you, then you can order 2...or 3... I have a few add ons for you today. These are additional pieces that can be purchased and popped in your February Kits. For example, these cute pizza clips. Who could resist? Here you can buy an extra slice for just [...]

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Pizza & Popcorn Party……What’s inside??

Are you eager to see more??? Here's my video this month so you can take a peep inside. None of the packets inside the box get opened. So no surprises are spoilt, but it gives you a lovely feel of what's to come. You can still grab one of these fun kits here. They will [...]

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Your Invitation to the ‘Pizza & Popcorn Party’

You are officially invited to this month's 'Pizza & Popcorn Party'. It's going to be FUN FUN FUN!!! This month is all about yummy food, movies, nights in and Love!! It's bright, it's happy and it's so much fun. I just LOVE this month's printables. Not only do you receive these in your kits, but [...]

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January ‘Make It Happen’ – Kit Story

Your January 'Make it Happen' Kits are starting to arrive today in the UK. I really hope you will all love them. I really wanted this box to feel so positive and bring some sunshine to your January days. We all want to start off a fresh this first month of the year....making goals, setting [...]

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Are you ready for a Pizza & Popcorn Party???

February around here is going to be FUN FUN FUN!! Today I have a little 'taster' of what's coming next month.....it's a Pizza & Popcorn Party. It's going to be all about yummy food, movies, nights in and Love!! This is just a 'starter' for now. I will be sharing more sneaks leading up to [...]

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