Apple Pie Flapjacks – Recipe

Apple Pie Flapjacks It's that time of year when we all fancy comfort foods. Warm, sweet and yummy. This is a recipe that I found on Pinterest and have adapted to make it feel more Autumnal. It's an easy flapjack recipe with a yummy apple filling. A good twist on the traditional flapjack. If use [...]

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Mini Vicky Sponges – Recipe

Every Domestic Goddess makes wonderful cakes. Today I have this super easy recipe for you. These mini Victoria Sponges are really easy to make and look so cute when you present to your guests. These are always a winner in our house. All you need is: 175g/6oz Butter or Marg 175g/6oz Caster Sugar 175g/6oz Self [...]

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Recipe – Cherry Blossom Shortbread Cookies

It's yummy scrummy time here on the blog today. We love having a treat with a hot drink in the evenings together. The 4 of us grab 30 mins, watch something fun on tv and just chill out after the dishes have been cleared and the kitchen is clean. When you have teens, it's important [...]

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An Upside Down Cake & a Winner

I have a yummy yummy recipe for you today. Upside Down Cherry & Apricot Cake. This cake is really  good as a weekend cake. We like it as a dessert. It's quite sloppy, so not so great as a lunchbox cake. Here's what you need... For the topping: 2 oz Butter 2 oz Brown Sugar [...]

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Yummy Homemade Pizza – Recipe

Homemade pizza is just the best pizza as far as I'm concerned. It's a family favourite in our house. It takes a little forward planning but is well worth the effort and you can also freeze the dough to make it quicker for next time. The Pizza Base ingredients are simple and easy to keep [...]

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