Apple Pie Flapjacks – Recipe

Apple Pie Flapjacks It's that time of year when we all fancy comfort foods. Warm, sweet and yummy. This is a recipe that I found on Pinterest and have adapted to make it feel more Autumnal. It's an easy flapjack recipe with a yummy apple filling. A good twist on the traditional flapjack. If use [...]

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Mini Vicky Sponges – Recipe

Every Domestic Goddess makes wonderful cakes. Today I have this super easy recipe for you. These mini Victoria Sponges are really easy to make and look so cute when you present to your guests. These are always a winner in our house. All you need is: 175g/6oz Butter or Marg 175g/6oz Caster Sugar 175g/6oz Self [...]

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Recipe – Cherry Blossom Shortbread Cookies

It's yummy scrummy time here on the blog today. We love having a treat with a hot drink in the evenings together. The 4 of us grab 30 mins, watch something fun on tv and just chill out after the dishes have been cleared and the kitchen is clean. When you have teens, it's important [...]

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An Upside Down Cake & a Winner

I have a yummy yummy recipe for you today. Upside Down Cherry & Apricot Cake. This cake is really  good as a weekend cake. We like it as a dessert. It's quite sloppy, so not so great as a lunchbox cake. Here's what you need... For the topping: 2 oz Butter 2 oz Brown Sugar [...]

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