Snuggle Season Kit


Here’s a little look at what’s coming (there will be surprises too) …In this fun kit you will receive a fun ‘take note’ stamp, lots of stickers, die cuts, mini envelopes,  cute embellishments, patterned papers and loads more.  If you subscribe here,  you will also receive extra treats, downloads and a watercolour postcard painted by me. 

This month we are collaborating with Grace from Ms Paperlover.   


Everything in your kit is cutely wrapped so you feel like you a receiving a box full of gifts and it’s all wrapped and packaged in a way that you can reuse everything on your projects. We don’t show everything so there will be surprises too.


Make sure you’ve joined the free Lollipop chat group here.   Everyone is welcome.


Every kit comes with a zine sharing DIY ideas on how to use this kit. Plus there are blog posts and YouTube videos showing fun tutorials. There’s also a new YouTube channel here dedicated to Journaling: Its Only Paper 

The kits are ideal for those who journal, scrapbook, love planners, have penpals, love to create & craft and also love receiving surprise happy mail each month. All exclusive pieces designed & created for you by Lollipop Box Club.

These boxes are postie friendly so can be delivered even when you aren’t home.


And we have an online creative retreat on Patreon.

It’s going to be such an an fun month. Don’t miss it!