Our Story

I guess when I really think about it, it all started many years ago as an 80’s child who loved getting mail.  I had numerous penpals and spent my life writing pretty letters and had that excitement every morning wondering what the postman would bring.  Fast forward 15 years and I started getting monthly scrapbooking kits. It was that same excitement all over again. Wondering if and what the postie would bring.  Oh how I loved that box arriving (and still do).  You just never know what you will receive.

Hi, I’m Lisa.  The creative one who loves happy mail.  I’m a scrapbooker, project lifer, planner who loves nothing more than to create, bake and make pretty things.  I have always loved cute stationery, pretty papers, vintage findings and trying to stay organised.  That’s how this whole new business ‘Lollipop Box Club’ has come about.  All my loves in the one box.

Carefully & lovingly put together each month by me.  Each month is based around a theme and will work alongside our blog.  This means that the kit that lands on your doorstep doesn’t just end there.  The fun will continue all through the month on our blog giving your inspirational ideas to do with your kit and other ideas like recipes, mini crafty DIY tutorials and many many other fun suggestions.

If you also tick these boxes then I think you will love these exciting monthly boxes too.

Lisa ….the crazy crafty one xxx