To start with I want to thank you for your support at the weekend. I can’t believe how fast these sold out. There was me thinking I’d have loads still to sell this week, but within just a few hours they’d all gone. So thank you to those of you who bought them and a big sorry to all of you who have been asking about buying one. I’m really sorry, there are no more. I can assure you though December’s kit is sooooo cool and I just hope you will love it as much as I do. I will have sneaks on Thursday.


It’s now time to focus on the November Kits as I want to get these sent out later this week.

I’ve ended up cramming even more in to this kit than I had originally planned. It’s taking so many hours to make and pack. It’s such a magical kit though. I can’t wait for you to receive them. There are still a few of these kits left to buy here.

I have a few addons for you. I know some of you love these, especially for those of you who share with your kids. You can view all the addons here.

This month I have this extra large paper clip. A favourite of mine this month.  One of these will be in the kit.


This handmade pencil topper that comes with the pencil will also be in the kit and you can buy an extra one now too.


If you would like a unicorn paper clip, I have a few of these. They DO NOT come in the kit.


This month’s mystery gift…… 1 per kit will be included.


If you would like extra postcards, these 2 come as a set. There is one of each included in the kit.


Extra papers. I love these First Edition papers. They are so pretty. Some are sparkly too. You will receive 3 papers in your kit, but if you would like to order a set of 5 more, you can do so. They will all be different designs. (if you order more than 1 extra set, there may be duplicates).


And there’s also this amazing 6×6 stencil which I just LOVE.

So those are this months addons.

Please purchase any you would like and they will be sent in your November Kits later this week.

Thank you. Have a great week. Lisa xx