Create & Bake With Me – Banana & Honey Loaf – with video

Create & Bake With Me - Banana & Honey Loaf - with video (and a challenge) Helloooo!! It's a Create and Bake day here. It's been a while since we've had one of these. You can watch me creating and baking over on my YouTube channel here. I'm using this month's kit here to tell [...]

Inspired by Something Sweet……

Inspired by Something Sweet..... Today on the blog it's all about inspiration. I'm pointing you towards our Pinterest board here, If you love the bullet journal above, you will love this blog post here. Lots of Bullet Journaling ideas. Click here  for this easy Lolly recipe.  These look sooooo good!! There's also arty ideas like [...]

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Apple Pie Flapjacks – Recipe

Apple Pie Flapjacks It's that time of year when we all fancy comfort foods. Warm, sweet and yummy. This is a recipe that I found on Pinterest and have adapted to make it feel more Autumnal. It's an easy flapjack recipe with a yummy apple filling. A good twist on the traditional flapjack. If use [...]

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