Documenting Your Favourite Recipes – with video

As the title says, today is all about documenting your favourite recipes and the stories behind them.

So many of my recipes have stories behind them, do you find that too?

I have a new video for you here.

In the video I share a couple of ways I document and keep my recipes and then I also share a new page that you can watch me create.

I create a couple of little pockets.

And also these little recipe pull out cards.

I’ve added the stories on the back of the cards, but you could also add the recipes. And the great thing is, you can just keep adding more.

I’m really happy with this new page.

I wanted it to resemble a well loved cook book. Some of mine are worn, marked, a little grease…but that’s fine. I use them so often and I love these books.

I have a free workshop journaling the current situation, which you can join here. 

This was the 9th class of this workshop. You can see all 9 classes here.

I love it when everyone else starts sharing their pages inspired by the classes.

Here are some more prompts related to this page that may help you with your own journaling.

Journal Prompts…

– Are you having any food cravings?
– Are you baking more?
– Are you eating outside more?
– Are there any foods you normally buy but you can’t find?
– Have you found yourself cooking more?
– Are the kids baking?
– Have you tried a recipe sent by a friend or family member?
– Are you eating foods you wouldn’t normally eat?

I hope this blog post today has inspired you to create and I hope you enjoy the video too.

Tell me what are you baking or cooking more than normal?

Lots of love

Lisa x