Look out for the pink unicorn stamps, the November Kits were posted out Friday evening!!


It was such a busy week packing up these kits. I started up Monday packing up the treat bags and clipping the note papers and postcards together. The subscription kits got sent out Friday last post and the one off kits went Saturday. I had a few spare kits to pack and the last one was done Saturday at 5.30pm. It was such a long week, working until 1-2am every morning and then back up with the kids at 6.30am doing packed lunches, getting dinner in slow cooker and whizzing that hoover around before starting back on kits. So it felt so good to finish on Saturday and a glass of vino (or 2) may have been consumed to celebrate!!

I think it’s time I had some help with packing : )  Help other than from hubby in the evenings that is.


I love seeing the end product each month though. They look so pretty : )


I decided to write on the tags this month as I wanted to use the personalised stamp that I had made for this kit. So fun!! So I hope you like your little tags.

Not too many packing stories to tell this month. We had a 2hr delivery from Amazon Tuesday night which came at 10.30pm and hubby had added in spicy mix up crisps and chocolate oranges as a surprise for me!! That was fun. We started on the Lost box set that night. He worked on rainbows and I packed the treat bags til 2am. Eating crips, chocolate oranges and watching Lost. We know how to party!!!

That’s my November kit story.

Keep an eye on the blog the next few days. I have the video to go with the DIY kit this week and a scrapbooking video too plus a few other ideas on how to use the kit.

I will also be getting the Christmas Candy Cane Lane kits packed up for you. I shall keep you posted.

Enjoy your unicorns. Thank you. Lisa xx