PROJECT 2022 – New Online Class



Hello and Happy New Year!!

I want to kick start 2022 with a brand new project and a positive head.

I’ve started a new journal to record my goals, thoughts, steps and achievements in 2022.

It’s great having ideas in our heads, but getting them down on paper is a whole different game.

  • it acts as a reminder of what you are setting out to do

  • it makes you accountable for what you want to achieve

  • it’s a great feeling to look back over and see how far you’ve come

  • and you are giving yourself the gift of time by sitting down and having this time for you



This is a new online class that will run throughout the year.

It’s something as a community we can work on together.

The first video class is already available. As it’s a video you can watch in your own time when it suits you.

There will be monthly videos along with zoom chats and a community chat group to share and encourage.


If you would like to join in, it’s £5.50 (plus local tax) for the class this month. That also includes many other perks in Patreon.

A whole previous years worth of downloads, exclusive videos and previous online classes.

You can sign up here in the teal group to join in and the red if you would like the journal and stickers sent to you for the class. You also get 10% off the online shop in the red tier.


I so look forward to sharing Project 2022 with you.


Lisa x