Time To Shine

The dandelion wish paper is my favourite this month with the yellow watercolour background and I have taken inspiration from it for my opposite page.

Using my watercolours I added blues, yellow and splatters of black. I created a colour wheel cutfile on my cricut to add to my pages, cutting one in half so I could have it on both pages.

I used the graph paper to matte my photographs onto so they stood out can’t from the page and added a little dimension. Then used the die cuts to add clusters of embellishments.

The Shine die cut is great to add as a title to your page and I love the addition of them to the last few kits.

The little acrylic Hello isn’t the perfect size to pop under my photograph.

I had a little accident and my page came loose so I had to perform a little surgery to fix it, by using a couple of the label stickers that came on the Mrs brimbles sheet. I used them to hold my page at the top and the bottom and will add tape to the back for extra security.