The kits are now on sale.

It’s a bit of a crazy week getting everything ready. I wanted the website up and running a few days before the kits went on sale so that we could get used to the site and for everyone to have a good look around and get a feel for this new kit club and have the opportunity to ask any questions before deciding to buy or subscribe. Instead the only questions I had were ”How can I subscribe and where do I pay??”.  It’s kind of taken me back a little at the huge and very positive response.

So you’ve decided to jump in and you’ve seen the pretty piccies on facebook and instagram, what do you expect from this first kit?

Part of the excitement of the Lollipop Box Club Kits is the surprise element. Although I want to give you a feel of what’s coming I also want you to have surprises each month.

You will see sneaks like this.

So you will have a good idea of what to expect, but you will never see the full content until you open up your kit. There will always be surprise packages inside.

The kits have been worked on for a while now and they are coming together nicely. A lot of time goes in to the kits though, it’s not just a few random items thrown in a box. Take the other evening when I spent the second evening sewing buttons.

Some would think I’m bonkers spending all that time, but people like us ‘get it’ and appreciate those extra little touches. I think they look so cute. It’s worth every minute to me.

As so much time goes in to the making and the packing and I would really like to add little personal touches to each box, the kits will be ready to send around the 3rd week of the month (hopefully a little sooner than that). I will be keeping on touch via facebook and instagram with little updates and you will also know when your kit has been shipped.

Thank you for all the support and the positive comments and wishes. It means so much. I wish you could all come around for coffee and cake.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Lisa xx