This month I decided to add a little personal touch to the kits and give each of you a ‘Busy Bee Challenge’. After all in whatever form, we are all busy bees, aren’t we?! ‘Bee’ it busy Mums, busy at work and or in the home, we are all busy in our own ways. So for the next 4 weeks you have a challenge.


You need to write down your weekly challenges that you will set yourself on your first challenge sheet of week 1. This can be whatever you like, but something that will give you a feel good factor once you’ve achieved it. It could be a small job like sorting through a pile of old magazines, or tidying away some post that you’ve been meaning to do. The challenges are meant to be easily achievable. No point writing them down if you know that you won’t have the time to do it.

Once you’ve completed your task…tick it off. That’s such a great feeling ticking something off a list.

challenge close

I’m on week 2 of my challenge now.

Last week we didn’t quite complete sorting Hollie’s room, so that’s back on this week list. We are almost there. Still some things to sort through and all the bags that need to be dropped arount to the charity store are still in my car.

We also didn’t do the gallery wall.  We are adding a Disney inspired gallery wall going up the stairs. Everything is out ready….just need that husband of mine to get out the drill. He’s promised me this week. I will keep you updated on the progress of that one!!

I need to get the spare room ready for my Dad who is visiting from the States at the end of the week and I really must tidy the larder (not lader as I’ve just noticed on my list) and my spinny cupboard in the kitchen. Don’t you just love it when someone tips the syrup and not only leaves it but also then doesn’t own up to it!! Guess it’s me then who’s cleaning up the mess?!!

I know I will feel much happier when those jobs are done this week.

Let me know how you go with your challenges. You can join our social chat group here on facebook if you want to share your challenges in a more private way. It’s a closed group just for us & our Lollipop members at Lollipop.

Good luck busy bees xx