She loves tea

She really does. She drinks gallons of it. I think this will make a great gift for my little sister.

It was really easy to make, so I’m going to show you how it came together using a few of the contents from this months kit.


I picked up some fab photo in frames in Sainsburys recently. They are just £3.50 each. The come in white and also black. The glass doesn’t pop out but the mounts inside are layered and reasonable deep, so they work well with textured items needing to be framed.

I also used the treat bag, the mini doilee and the handmade wooden scrabble tiles from the kit.


I cut the bag in half so that I could use one side and the other I will keep for a scrapbooking page another time. I’ve also taken the back off the frame.


Using double sided stick tape I’ve stuck the bag to some plain white card, so that the bag doesn’t appear transparent once in the frame and I’ve stick the doilee down using double sided stick on to the bag.


I’ve taken the mount from inside the frame and placed over the top to make sure it fits and is central. Once I am happy, I’ve stuck it in place and trimmed off any excess bits that snuck out over the mount.


I put the frame back together and take my mini alphabet stamps and my favourite black ink.


Making sure I stamp on a firm surface I stamp out my wording on the doilee. You can change the wording to anything you like and you could also rearrange the tiles to read ‘Eat’ or Ate’. The tiles are stuck on with regular pva glue. Nothing fancy. Remember to make sure they are dry before putting the frame back together again.

She loves teaI think this will look perfect in my sister’s vintage kitchen with her yellow back wall.  I hope she will love it.

I great prezzie, easy to make and cheap as chips too!!