I though I’d share an upcycled project with you today. Seeing as it’s ‘Coffee & Cupcakes’ month, here’s my upcycled coffee table that I made for hubby.

I picked it up for a few ££ in a charity store. It must have originally been part of a nest of tables. It was dark wood.

I washed it down and sanded it a little. It got covered in old book pages simply by using regular pva glue and then painted white.


Using a piece of paper I cut out a heart and lay this on the table and misted over with a red mist. I printed off some words on the pc and cut in to strips and applied some mod podge over the top to secure.


I added some red and white twine to the legs of the table too and painted this aswell. The paint once dry also holds it in place nicely.

I really love this little table. It really fits our lounge and adds a lovely personal touch. It’s also a nice feeling giving something that was unloved a new lease of life.

fairy cakes ig