How’s your planner looking this week?

Lots going on???

I love the stickers sheets in this month’s kit. They are a great addition to your planner pages. I also used my cupcakes stamp from the kit in my planner this week. I can’t stop using that cute stamp.

I also attached my kit badge to a mini chain and I’ve used it as a charm on my planner. That badge makes me so happy!!

Have you used your personalised menus from your kit yet?


If you are a regular here on this blog, you will know that I always write up a weekly menu. I’m a busy working Mum. It’s the only way that I can feed my family. If I don’t plan, they get beans on toast. So for me personally, this is the only way it works.


I sit and write my menu each week with the diary in front of me. It’s pointless planning a full roast for example if I have 2 pick ups and an after school activity starting at 5.45pm!! It has to be realistic otherwise it doesn’t work. It’s also a good way to plan a balanced diet as you can see right in front of you,  your diet for the week.

The shopping gets done based on the menu which saves time and money and there’s less waste.

I’m by no means making out that I’m the perfect home maker. I’m really not. And I know when I speak to others about how I plan and I hear people say, but I’ve tried it and then I find that I don’t fancy what I’ve planned. That happens to us too sometimes. Last Wednesday for example, we ended up at Costco and then I really couldn’t face coming home to make the Thai Curry, so we bought Costco take out pizza instead.  It happens!! But the majority of the time it works a treat for us.

I hope you make good use of your menus. Let me know : )

Lisa xx