In this month’s Bon Voyage Kit, you will receive a little DIY kit to make your own desk bunting.

DIY kit ig

You will find some mini cut square map pieces and some string.


I’ve used the cheats way to make mine and used staples, but you can sew your’s or just use some double sided sticky tape.


Start by folding your map squares in half. Point to point to make a triangle like this (see above).

Then place each triangle over the string.


The triangles (flags) need to be secured in place now so that they don’t move or slip off. I’ve used staples here, but you can stitch under the string or add double sided sticky on the inside of each flag to hold the pieces together.


Once you’ve secured each flag you can choose to decorate your bunting if you wish. I’ve stapled on some string bows. You could also add ribbons, diamantes, glitter etc…


Your mini bunting is now ready to hang. I’ve pushed 3 pins into a wooden shelf where I keep my scrapbook albums and various stickers and embellishments. It’s so cute!!

Please do show us where you’ve hung your’s.

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Happy bunting making xx