It makes us so so happy when we receive such lovely emails and messages from you thanking us for your kits and telling us (and showing us) what you’ve been doing with your kits. I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been feeling this week as you’ve been receiving your Bon Voyage kits. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

Some of your messages have been so funny. Allie’s made me laugh out loud when I read this.

 ”Omg! It’s arrived! I have a naked two year old dancing around the room shouting ‘lollipop lollipop’! He is naked cos he gets the lolly and I learned from last month he gets very sticky and needs to go straight in the bath after! But the lolly gives me a good 20 minutes grace to open and ooh and ahhh over my goodies. I think this month is even lovelier!”  

So funny!!! A great way to use the lolly in your kit Allie!!

And I received this from Millie over in Australia. This made me particularly happy. Millie is 12yrs.

”I had a lovely surprise when my first Lollipop Box came through the door. I spent the whole evening admiring everything over and over. It was packaged so beautifully I didn’t want to actually use it!! Finally I decided to use it for scrapbooking and I was on my way. I was inspired further after looking though your blog and instagram page, to create my own birthday invitations. I had such a fun time making it and can’t wait for the next box to enjoy”.

Millie sent me a photo of the beautiful invites that she had made for her 13th birthday. This made me so happy that the Lollipop Boxes had inspired her so much. Thank you Millie!!

When I first had Lollipop in mind and was sharing my ideas with my Mother in law, she asked me if the box would be suitable for her young niece who was going to be 12 and I’ve since had other ask the similar questions and each time I’ve said ‘no’. I really had adults (big girls) in mind when I started planning the Lollipop Boxes and I would never push a sale for the sake of making a few extra ££. I would always want someone to feel over the moon with their happy mail. I have been proved very wrong. I have a few young teens who have been enjoying these boxes now and Millie’s feedback really delighted me.

I’ve also heard back from Mum’s who are ordering the boxes to share with their young daughters. A way to share something together each month. To open together and create together. This is such a sweet idea.

So thank you all for your feedback. I appreciate it so much. If you would like to read more happy comments about our kits, please do so here. 

And if you like the happy comments so much that you want to treat yourself or a friend to a kit, you can buy one here. I think we are down to about 15 kits left now on the 2nd kit Bon Voyage and there are the last 2 left of Alice’s Tea Party.

Thanks again!! Like I said, we love happy mail too.  Please do keep your happy comments coming  xxx