letter ig

I used to write loads of letters as a child. I had so many penpals.  I just loved that feeling of the postie bringing me some happy mail. I would spend ages writing letters and using cute stationery, pretty pens and stickers.

A lot of this has changed over the years with us all emailing, texting and using skype etc.. Writing a letter seems to have become a thing of the past. It’s such a shame. So I challenge you this month to write someone a letter. It doesn’t have to be pages upon pages.  Just a simple handwritten letter will make someone’s day. We all know how that feels to receive a little happy mail. In your Bon Voyage Kits you have received paper, an envelope and some stickers….. so it’s now your turn to send someone some happy mail and make them feel special.

Please tag us in #lollipopboxclub I want to see you writing, or your pretty pens you are writing with or a selfie of you posting your happy mail.

Have fun!!

Lisa xx