Planner & Mug

Is it really sad that I got so excited when I was in Anthropologie last when I saw this mug as I knew it would match my planner?

But it looks so pretty together!! I had to buy it. It’s become my afternoon tea at my desk mug. It matches the August kit so well.

Monday morning is always my time when I sit and plan the week ahead. Write up my planner, finalize the weeks menu and get the daily ‘to-do’ list in my planner too. It sets me up well for the week. Nothing too exciting happening this week apart from a family trip to the pictures mid week to see ‘Inside Out’. Quite thankful that there’s not too much going on as it’s a really busy work week again. Lots going on, so some very long work days needed.

By the way…did you know that we know stock these planners in the shop here. They come in yellow, red and dark blue and are just £15 each which includes UK delivery. All the items in the online shop include UK delivery (flat rate shipping everywhere else in the world).

Blue Planner

Each planner includes one of our cute crochet handmade planner clips.

Red Planner 2

They have a pocket on the inside and slots for cards as well as a pen holder at the back. Plus lots of note pages inside. You can read more here. A great buy!

I do believe it’s time for a coffee now.

Have a great Monday xx