More Patreon Excitement…



I have more patreon details for you today.

If you’ve missed all the Patreon details up until now, you can catch up on this previous post here first.

Did you see the announcement about the Tier 2 yesterday?



Tier 2 – Yellow is called – Get Journaling & Creating

£3.50 (plus local tax) per month


In addition to the Tier 1 benefits you will also receive:

  • monthly challenges & prompts

  • encouragement & support with your prompts and journaling

  • Access to an exclusive library of ‘how to’ video tutorials that will be added to each month


Here’s a little sneak….


Now I’m going to share the next Tier 3… – This tier is called – Join the Lollipop Family.



Aswell as Tier 1 and Tier 2 Benefits you will also receive…

  • A Handwritten postcard when you sign up

  • Extra video/vlog … studio vlogs, personal home vlogs, chats etc..

  • Q&A’s

  • More behind the scenes

  • Help choose content for upcoming videos

  • Live videos

Plus don’t forget tier 1 benefits…

  • You will have access to our brand new chat group. The great thing about this is that we can set up different categories. It will make it so much easier to follow.

  • December Daily prompts

  • You will have access to my Patreon feed where I can share extra information with you

  • And you will be able to join in with polls and votes


Don’t forget to join the free Lollipop Chat group to find out more.

Patreon sign ups start 1st November.


Lots of love

Lisa x