I hope you enjoyed your long weekend if you were in the UK. I always wish every weekend were a 3 day weekend.

We found a rather cool place on Saturday which I will share with you here soon. I took lots of photos as I knew you would all love it as much as I did. There may also have been a new mug indulgence. We have such a problem with mug buying. I just can’t resist. I really must reorganise the mug cupboard soon. One of the Disney mugs fell out of the cupboard a couple of weeks ago,hit me on the head and then smashed on the floor. (thankfully it was a guest mug and not one of our special mugs). So yes, time to reorganise.

Talking of organising, that’s what I’m here to share with you today. My weekly organiser. I love sitting down at the start of my week (with a latte) and planning the week ahead. I’ve been using all the pretty bits from my ‘Alice’s Tea Party Kit’. I made a last minute decision last week to put together extra kits as there was so much interest in them. So you can still grab one here.

I just love post its, clips and washi tapes. They just make the planner pages look so much more fun and interesting.

I’m using the little rose paper clips from the kit on my daily to-do list and moving them on to the item I am currently actioning and the item that is next to be worked on.  And the big bow clip at the top is to keep my page when I close my planner. It’s always easy to find them.

Next on my list is the dentist. Better go and make those appointments for the family.

Enjoy your Tuesday that feels like a Monday xx