Today I am sharing a little kit update with you and also some feedback that the kits have received so far.

The kit packing is coming along well and everything is looking so cute. Are you wondering what’s inside these little packets?

I’m afraid you are going to have to wait a little longer. They do look lovely though, don’t they?! I’m loving putting everything together for you.

I thought today I would share some of the feedback that the kits have received. Before the website went live I spent some time sending samples out for people to see. I wanted to find out how they arrived and hear the initial thoughts when they were opened and also wanted to hear what people thought of the content and value for money. I also invited various people over to me with different craft and non craft backgrounds to hear their thoughts.

I’ve been blown away with the positivity. I’m so pleased. I’ve heard so many times ”It’s like receiving lots of little gifts”.  That was the exact response that I was hoping for. I loved hearing the oohhhss and aaarrrrss over the pretty packaging and the excitement of opening everything.  A few people said that they would buy them as gifts for girlfriends, which I thought was a great idea. A few said it was like the ‘Mollie Makes’ magazine in a box which thrilled me too.

I’m so happy with the response that they have received so far.  I hope you will love them just as much.

Lisa xx