This was one of those jobs that I’ve been meaning to do for so long now.

I bought this set of wooden drawers from Ikea about 8yrs ago. I painted them and stuck felt hearts on them. Great for an 8 yr old little girl’s room, but when that little girl turns 14/15 yrs, it’s not so cool. So rather than let her throw them away, they’ve been living in my studio for the past year looking like this.



Not so pretty, but like I said, I kept meaning to upcycle them and make them fit my studio. So they got taken in to the garden along with maps, pva glue, white paint, scissors and a pencil. Seeing as they were already blue, I wasn’t worried about painting them first, but maybe if they would have been plain wood or a colour that didn’t go, I would have painted them before doing anything else.


I laid the maps over the top and marked off where I needed to cut and then cut out each piece.


I took the drawers out to draw around the front of each one for this piece.


The pieces were glued on then with regular pva glue.


I made sure all the ends and sides were stuck down and went over the edges with white acrylic paint to finish.


And now it’s back in my studio looking like this. So much better.


Another item ticked off the list!!