Birthday Box

Did you know that we also make gift boxes?

Our happy mail boxes make the perfect treat to send to a friend or family member. They arrive beautifully packaged and tied with twine and include personalised items. They really do make the perfect gift.

happy mail 3

The boxes are made up with special items that haven’t been included in our previous kits, so if you would like to send one to a friend that already has had our happy mail boxes, you don’t need to worry about receiving duplicates.

happy mail 2

The boxes are all made up individually so no two will ever be the same. They include cute stationery, mini a DIY kit, stickers, rubber stamps and crafty items. The boxes are jam packed of treats.

Please add in the box when you place your order the name of the person who the box is for so that we can personalise it for you. If it’s a birthday gift, please say so, so that we can add birthday items too.

Each box comes with a personalised gift card, so please add your message in the box when you place your order, this way when the box is opened it is obvious who has sent the gift.

The Birthday Box

The boxes cost just £17 each which includes free UK delivery (flat rate everywhere else in the world. They can be ordered here.

Everyone loves happy mail!!!