boxes pic

So, your July kits are on their way. It’s such a relief after so long of making and packing to then finally drop them off at the post office. I thought I would share the little journey with you today.

It all starts a couple of days after the previous kit has been shipped. The making of the new kit begins. Then when it comes to the day of packing I have to remove all the kit content out of the studio. I don’t have a long enough work space for packing unfortunately. So I end up moving into the dining area, extending the table and that becomes the packing area.


My husband, Ade, becomes hands on. He prints off all the address labels for me and assembles all the boxes. Everything gets laid out on the table ready to pack. I also keep a sample of the ready packed box to once side so that all boxes are packed identical.  I pack 10 boxes at a time. Once they are all packed, I write a little note inside, seal the box and stick the address label on. Once they have all been packed the very last process is to pretty up the boxes. Green twine this month!!

boxes 2

This whole process is currently taking 2 full days.

They then get bagged for the Royal Mail.


And I simply drop them off at my local post office. Leena and her husband who own the post office are so lovely. I love popping in to say hello. It’s like visiting a friend. They are always so helpful.

post off

Now they are ready to be collected and delivered to you.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey of your July boxes. It’s fun to be able to share it with you.

I can’t wait for you to receive your kits. I hope you love them as much as I’ve loved making them for you.

Lisa x