Just so you are all aware…business & life continues as normal for us.

We both work from home and rarely left the house other than to walk the dog anyway. I woke this morning and said to Ade ‘Everyone is living our lives now!’ 🙂


I found a new local post office that I prefer last week that I’m going to continue to use now. It’s actually in a little grocery store and they are really well stocked with fresh items too. She’s been so friendly and I like the thought of supporting her during these difficult times.

My post is all done online anyway, so I just leave mail sacks, which makes life much easier.

I have ordered everything for the kits for the next couple of months, so as long as I can send out, I am fine. Your happy mail will continue.


Thank you so much to everyone who supports me and my little business, you have no idea how much it means to me, especially right now, more than ever.

Thank you to everyone these past few days who have placed new orders. I can’t thank you enough. It means so much.

Please do share my business and my YouTube channel with your friends and family. I’ve been sending out kits for those who are homeschooling these past few days. I really hope they bring lots of joy.


I will be posting more vlogs… cooking, crafting, decluttering etc…so I hope they help your day a little if you are stuck home and not able to work.

Take care. Sending you great big hugs and cupcakes.

Lisa xxx