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Hi, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around so much lately. I really haven’t been feeling great. I’ve still been plodding along and have been making for the October Kits, so that’s all running smoothly, it’s just the rest of the stuff that’s had to give…..creating, house work and cooking….etc. It’s tough sometimes isn’t it, wearing so many hats?!

But thankfully this week I’m feeling bright, happy & energized again, ready to take on the world. I even got some deep cleaning done at home at the weekend. I’ve been creating again and I finally even set up my October planner yesterday. So all is good once again.

I just thought I’d give you a little update on this kit as I feel I haven’t posted too much about it yet. It looks so pretty in my teal¬†planner. The pen, highlighter and the spotty washi are all in the kit and are a lucky dip this month. Lots of fun colours. Wait and see which you will receive in your kit.

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I’ve had so much much making these fun clips. They are little Halloweeen/Autumnal extras that I’ve added this month. I just love them so much.

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I’ve included this cool orange ribbon to the kits. Each person will receive approximately 1m of this. I used a little to make a clip for my planner this week. It’s so eye catching with that chevron pattern. It is very thick though and I found it doesn’t hold in place to well.

clip web

Nothing that a little pva doesn’t fix though. A teeny blob of regular pva glue and pull the ribbon tight and hold in a place for a little bit.

clip2 web

It then stays firmly in place very nicely. There’s always a way!!

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I’m now busy packing up all the little packages to go inside the kits. I’m almost done.


I’ve loved adding all the little seasonal touches this month. It’s so much fun.

I do plan to get the addons up in the next day or so and the kits will be ready to go early next week. Yay!!! If you haven’t grabbed a kit yet, there’s still a few left here.

And sorry for the lack of October creation posts so far this month…..don’t worry, I still have lots planned.

Thank you so much and hope you haven’t had any of the seasonal¬†germs that seem to be lurking around.

Lots of love, Lisa xxx