Here is this month’s DIY kit. It’s a cute notepad that you can hang.


I also have an example to show you how to include it in your planner.

All you need is your DIY kit, some regular printer paper, hole punch and needle and thread.


  1. Start by taking the note card from the kit and some regular printer paper. Cut the plain paper to size so it fits neatly inside the blank space.


2. Mark off where your holes need to go.



3. And punch your holes.


4. Take the twine from the kit and thread it through the holes to hold the papers in place. (I used a large embroidery needed to do this).


5. Take the wool from the kit and fasten one end like this. Don’t cut the wool.


6. I split the wool in to 3’s so I could plait it evenly.


7. Then plait the whole length and tie at the end.


8. Punch a couple of holes at the top both ends like this.


9. Now place the plait over the holes and thread some of the wool through the holes.


10. Tie the wool at the back and also the twine so everything is secure and not loose.


11. Now you can hang it on your wall, fridge, notice board. I’ve popped mine on a clipboard here above my desk.


You can also include it in your planner.


I cut a strip of paper from the kit and folded it in half.


Add some double sided sticky tape inside and stick over the notecard at the side.


A good way to make the correct holes is to take a page from the planner and line up and mark out the holes. This way you know the holes when punched out will be in the correct place.


And now you can place the notepad inside your planner.

It looks so cute.

Have fun making your note pad.

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