Autumnal TN with Geraldine

It’s all about the layers!

This month I really wanted to decorate my clear travelers notebook for Autumn. These clear notebook covers are begging to be decorated! 
I started by creating a dashboard out of some patterned cardstock. The size is easily achieved by using an existing insert as a template. Next, I pulled out everything from the box and chose things that made me happy when put together.
You can create fantastic depth to something by adding layers! I did this by using multiple layers of the exclusive papers and the paper bags.
As you faff and play around with different elements, making sure you experiment with them as you go along, you’ll come up with neat little tricks. For example, as I stuck the paper bag down, I found instead of cutting it, if I folded it under onto the other side, it created another pocket! This could hold goals lists, and my postcards from the box. 


I also included both functional and keepsakes in my dashboard. For example a to do list and my tag from Lisa’s September box.
Finally, using the stickers and ephemera, including tabs, I decorated different elements of the cover, and finished off by adding the cute pumpkin paperclip. 


I really hope this inspired you to try out the layering technique using as much of the kit as possible! 
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