I have such a treat for you today. Not only have all the January Kits now been shipped, but I also have the first of our ‘Creative Team’ blog posts. Claire has been busy setting up her planner with our January ‘Make it Happen’ Kit.

I’m going to hand the blog post over to Claire now….

….I wanted a specific place in my planner that is my go to for the week, but I wanted it to be positive and happy. A place that would inspire me to get motivated.

I backed the paper that came in the kit with some card that was already in my planner, and used this as a canvas to add more elements.


Quotes always motivate me, so what better way to do it, than to create a vision board.


I then trimmed down the postcard, and punched into the planner.


On the reverse side, I added the personalised note paper, so that I can jot down my goals for the week.


By using sticky notes, I and able to change out the paper so I can use this system every week.


I love how it turned out, and now I look forward to checking my planner every morning for a little bit of sunshine.


A BIG BIG ‘Thank you’ to Claire for this truly inspiring post and insight to Claire’s planning. I always find it so helpful seeing how other people use their planners and how they get them to inspire them daily.  I can see how this keeps Claire motivated.

I hope this inspires and motivates you too!!