Spring Frame diy

Today I’m sharing how I made my Springtime frame using some pieces from the March ‘Peekaboo’ Kit here.

It’s really easy and takes just a few minutes to make.


You will need a basic frame first. I tend to buy mine in Ikea, but the super markets tend to sell them reasonably priced too. As you are covering up the frame, you could even use an old frame. A great way to upcycle.

Then take your washi tape from the kit. Each kit comes with 2 Spring Coloured rolls. Start wrapping them around the frame like this. As the washi tape tears, this job is very easy.


You will need to tear the back so that the paper can sit inside. I just ran my thumb nail along to do this.


I cut the pink spotty paper from the kit to the size to fit the frame and trimmed down the ‘Spring is here’ card from the kit.


I carried on with the washi tape covering the top and bottom of the frame until it was completely covered.

Stick the Springtime card to the spotty paper and place inside the frame. I did also tie some of the green cord from the kit around the top of frame.

Spring Frame

And now it’s ready to display and help make your home feel seasonal.

I love Spring!!