Today we are making a sweet piece of art that’s in a frame.

Remember the little glassine envelope from your August kit?? It’s time to grab that along with a piece of cardboard, a frame, a little white paint, pva glue, scissors and a black pen.


My frame takes a 6×4 photo and is just a basic one from Ikea. Nothing fancy or expensive.


Remove the glass from the frame and draw around it on the piece of cardboard. This works as the perfect template. The glass can then go in the recycling bin. We don’t need that anymore. (watch those sharp corners!)


Your cardboard now fits your frame perfectly. Remove some of the outer cardboard to reveal the inner corrugated textured part like this.


I’ve chosen to paint a little white on my cardboard.


Now stick on the little butterflies, the quote and the twine. I also doodled a little to finish.


Your frame is now ready to place in your home or to give as a gift. I’ve bent my butterfly wings in a little to give the ‘in flight appearance’.

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Have fun creating art!!