Hello Monday!!

This is what my Monday looks like every week. The planner has been updated and my ‘to-do’ lists are ready.

Prettying up a ‘to-do’ list does kind of take the edge off all the tasks that need to get done. I would much rather have a cute list than one written on the back on an envelope. I need to be super organised in the studio this week as I have lots of family staying. My Dad is here from the States for his annual visit, so my brother, sister and her family also come and stay with us. Crazy, but fun.

I’ve just added to my studio gallery wall. So cute and such a bargain, I just have to share.

wall 2

These little speech bubble cork boards. Aren’t they fab!!!! I’ve just stuck them on with blu tack for now. Let’s see how long they stay up!! I picked them up in Wilkos for just £2.50 for the set. I love how the wall is coming along now.

wall 1

The Disney inspired gallery wall going up the stairs is also coming along really well now. I’ll share that with you soon.

So this week for me, what’s planned????

Lots of family time …..

Have a great week!!

ps…..the larger cork board just fell down….I might need to resort to plan b!