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I use the word ‘happy mail’ lots. But what is ‘happy mail’?

For me personally, happy mail is quite simply ‘mail that makes me happy’. It’s not bills, or statements, or one of the many leaflets that comes through the door it is a small box that gives me pure happiness. That’s what we are all about at Lollipop Box Club. It’s 100% mail that makes you happy.

When I first started Lollipop and I was thinking back when I was writing the ‘our story’ page. I realised then that my first happy mail started way back when I was just 4 years old. I still remember the large white envelopes arriving from the Humpty Dumpty Club.


There would be things like badges, puzzles, colouring in and always a story book. I still have many of the books that now sit on my kids shelves. I still remember the excitement of that white envelope arriving.

That excitement of receiving fun post must have stuck as over the years as a kid I had numerous penpals. I would spend hours writing letters and decorating my pages with cute stickers and using fun stationery.

Then as an adult a few years later I started getting monthly scrapbooking kits. Oh mega happy mail I tell you. At one point I was getting 4 a month. Greedy!! Again….postie stalking…is it going to arrive??? Will I have to wait for another day??? The anticipation…..the novelty just never wears off, even as a big girl.

These days, I just get one happy mail box a month.


This was my happy mail this month. I design for a scrapbooking company in the US. Cocoa Daisy. I received the kits for quite a few years before I joined the team and I’ve never missed a month and feel that same excitement month in and month out. It really does make me happy. I never open a box when I don’t have the time to properly enjoy it. I would rather wait a day and and open it properly with a latte and with the time to go through and take it all in. I guess happy mail to me = me time.

So this to me is what happy mail is all about.

I hope our Lollipop boxes give you the same joy.

A big thumbs up to happy mail!!!!