I hope you liked the mini clipboards that I made for your first kit.

They are really easy to make and they can be a sweet little gift to make for someone, so I thought I would should you how they were made.

I bought 1mm grey board as the base of my clipboard. You could use all sorts of things for your base though. Cardboard, an old book cover etc…

I started by cutting the boards to the size that I wanted and then covered the board with a normal pva glue. A book page was then stuck over the board and left to dry.


Once the glue has dried, the excess is trimmed off and the same is repeated for the other side of the board. You are then left with a book page covered board on both sides.


I gave both sides a light coating on white acrylic paint. Gesso will also work well.


The same pva glue is used to stick the wooden peg to the board. I printed off the wording on my printer and cut in to strips and also stuck the clock charm with the pva glue on the peg. You could paint the peg, add glitter or tie a bow to it. You can decorate it however you please. I punched out a small red heart to finish it at the bottom.


I added a magnet to mine so I can use it on my fridge but you could also attach a string loop to the back to hang it.

I think they are really cute. You can make them in any size and you can add your notes, lists or photos.

They really would make a sweet gift for someone.

Lisa x