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Here’s a snap shot from yesterday afternoon. All the boxes neatly packed and stacked ready to be popped in to the Royal Mail sacks. They are on their way ladies!!! I thought you’d be thrilled with that news.


This kit was a favourite of mine to pack. It’s looks so fun, don’t you agree?! I just love this kit!!


And those cheeky lollies are so yummy. I gave in Sunday afternoon and tried one.  Yummy scrummy apple flavour!! DELISH!!


A few of you commented on Instagram about how organised I always look when packing. It has to be this way. It makes life so much easier. Plus it looks so pretty!!  : ) I love seeing everything laid out like this.

I packed 12 at a time and packed solidly for 3 days. 7am-midnight. Just stopping for dinner at tea time. Sorry, no I did nip out on Saturday to go and watch my Son’s footy match which was thankfully at home …and they won. Yay!!

Ade (my hubby) kindly made up all the boxes and taped them up for me…..Jurassic Park was watched!!   I don’t know what I’d do without him when it comes to kit packing.

Anyway…. packing crazyiness is now over for another month. Time to get that planner of mine sorted for the week.

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I’ve used the printables from this month’s kit along with other various bits an pieces from the kit. The cute felt little latte can be bought as an extra here.

It’s always a busy few days catching up after the kits have been shipped. Tidy the studio, get the shelves set up for the next month’s kit and catching up with emails and admin from the past few days. I always tend to plan crock pot dinners for the family. So I throw it all in at breakfast time, ready to have dinner later. So easy!!   I’ve also got a couple of videos that I want to film still using this kit. So that’s my week!!

There are a few kits left. You can buy one here.  It’s such a fun kit. I hope you will love your’s.

Lisa xx