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Today I am playing with the October DIY Kit. Usually I create one project with this mini kit, but this month I am creating three.

You can see a video of me creating with this kit here.


Each October Kit comes with this mini DIY kit.

I have used one to create this little piece of art.


The kits also come with some pretty papers (that all vary). They measure 6×6” which go perfectly inside this lovely distressed frame. It measures 5×5” and costs just £3 from Wilkos. Such a bargain. It makes a lovely little piece of wall art.

charm web

My favourite piece is this planner charm. It can also be used as a charm for your keys, bag, purse or even pencil/beauty bag.

I painted mine first and then added paper from the kit and a little glitter on the heart. It’s decorated both sides.

I also made a coffee cup holder using part of the Lollipop Box too. I’ll show you how.


I picked up a holder which I used as a template. I picked up a pack from Tiger, but you can also pick them up at most coffee shops. I used this one as a template on the cardboard box.


I drew around one side and then folded up the box cutting out 2 sides at once so that it was large enough to go all the way around the cup.


I laid it out and removed to top layer to reveal the corrugated card underneath.


I’ve taken a piece of pretty paper from the kit and drawn around the holder and then cut down slightly smaller. Just inside the lines.


I’ve stuck the papers on to both sides of the holder and trimmed around the edges to it looks equal. The 2 ends on the holder have been glued together. I have used my glue gun. Time I’ve decorated my wooden coffee cup and stuck to the front of the holder.


I can now use this on my cup when I watch my youngest at footy on a Saturday. We always make coffee to go.

I hope you have enjoyed these 3 projects. Please check out the video. Don’t forget to share when you’ve played with your DIY kit this month. Remember #lollipopboxclub

Have fun!!