I have very fun and easy peasy DIY tutorial for you today.

What do you get if you combine colourful washi tapes and an old glass jar?????


A cute candle/pen holder of course!! And it takes less than 5 minutes.

Wash up an old glass jar. You don’t need the lid. And collect up your colourful washi tapes.


Start by evenly wrapping the tape around the jar. Try to keep it at the same level so it doesn’t look wonky and try not to crease it. I start each piece slightly over lapping and at the same point each time so that you have all the joins on the same side. This way, you can turn the jar around so you don’t see this side.


On you’ve finished, you are left with this. Doesn’t it look pretty?!

And even prettier at night with a tea light inside.


I love to light scented candles in my studio in the day when I work. This was my studio yesterday whilst I was burning Pineapple Dolewhip candles. Yummy!


I do love my candles!!

If you decide to go and wash up a few old jars and make one of these, do hashtag me in so I can see.

#lollipopboxclub Don’t forget!!

They also make great gifts.

If you love my rainbow washi collection, you can grab some yourself in the store here. 10 rolls for just £3.99.

Have fun.

Lisa x