1st shipping fb

Yay!!!  Isn’t this exciting??!!

All the boxes are lined up and ready to pop in to the postie sacks ready for the Royal Mail.

Seeing as this is a new journey for all of us, I thought it would be fun to share the whole packing process with you. It’s certainly been a learning curve for me. Even after having a business for over 11 years now, there’s still always things that you learn from. Like when you decide the day before that you don’t actually like the boxes that you’ve bought!! I know that sounds silly, but I want it all to be perfect. I sampled so many boxes before but at the last minute I ordered new ones which came yesterday morning and I am so much happier. It needs to feel good as well as look good.  I now have boxes everywhere. Sooooo many boxes!!

 Anyway, boxes finally sorted……Yesterday was a very long day. I was determined that the kits were leaving by Friday at the latest. So I started off by checking and counting off all the kit contents.

diy kits

Funky new business cards were finished.

business cards

And I lay out everything on the sofa in the studio so I could see all the kit content together. Ade, my hubby walked in and commented on how inviting it all looked seeing it all laid out together. It did all look so cute and colourful.

Alice packing

Time to pack. I placed everything on the table with a sample box to one side, so that all the kits were packed in the same order. I packed 5 at a time which took 15mins. (There may have been some Disney movies on in the background at this point!!)


The boxes looked so good when they were all packed.




Address labels were being sorted by Ade at this point, so we could print them all off in one go.  And then the next packing process started. Sticking down address stickers and tying up the boxes.  Finally 1am they looked like this.


It feels like such an achievement.

I can’t wait for them to all reach you now. I just hope you love your little boxes of happiness. And remember, if something stumps you in this kit, please do say. I would love for everyone to share their ideas and creations on Facebook and Instagram of what they do with their kit. This is something that I love about kits. Everyone will see it with new eyes and will have new ideas. By sharing, it will be so much fun and we can encourage and inspire one another. Everything in that kit can be used in multiple ways. We do have a private chat group for Lollipop too if you prefer to share this way. I also have lots of blog posts coming up to give you ideas. I can’t wait to share them once the kits start arriving.

Fun Fun Fun!!!!

Happy Friday everyone.

Lisa xxx