I do love cute little bunnies.

These little origami bunnies are not only cute but super easy to make too. I thought it would be a fun little tutorial to share with you today.

1. Firstly, you need a scrap of paper. Any will do. It might be easier to start with a larger piece to start off with as it’s less fiddly. Maybe an A4 size? I’ve just taken a scrap from an old book page.


2. You need to make it square. In order to do that you need to take a corner and fold it to make a triangle like this.


3. You can trim off the excess to make your square. I use a mini trimmer but scissors are fine too.


4. You are now left with your square.



5. Turn the square so you have a point facing down towards you, so the square becomes a diamond. and fold one side over to the centre like this.


6. And repeat on the side. It now looks like a kite shape.



7. Now the top tip needs to be folded over towards you.


8. And this tip need to be folded up in the other direction, so it points up again like this.


9. Turn it over.


10. And fold the pointy bit so that it reaches the top.


11. We are almost there now. If you have a craft knife you will need that now, but you can also use a pair of scissors. Take your almost bunny, open out the new point bit and make a small incision in the centre where the 2 pieces of paper meet. Making the 1 triangle in to 2 smaller triangles. If you look on the photo you can see where I’ve cut near where the blade is where the 2 pieces of paper meet.


12. Now fold this piece back over again like where we were at, at point 10. You can now see that you’ve just made the 2 ears.


13. Hold the back of the bunny like I am in the photo above and with the other hand pull the ears up slightly to form the shape of the bunny. You can now draw on the eyes.

13You now have your bunny.


You can make them in all sizes to make cute little bunny families.

This gets very addictive. My 15yr old daughter and I made them one Sunday morning and got so excited and couldn’t stop making them. Talk about breeding like bunnies!!!  They just kept multiplying.

Please do give it a go and add your photos to facebook or instagram and remember to add @lollipopboxclub for facebook or #lollipopboxclub for instagram so that we can see.

Happy bunny making.

Lisa xx