I do love upcycling!

It’s such a good feeling making something that costs nothing or very little. Plus I love that feeling of giving something new love, a new lease of life.

We were decorating the studio recently and I found a large Ikea frame that I’d completely forgotten about with an old print inside. I was going to freecycle the frame and then I had an idea.   I took out the glass and the backing and turned it in to this photo display.

It was so easy.

Once the glass and backing were out, I took some string and attached 3 pieces across the back by placing it under the metal tacks at the back that usually hold the backing in place. No tools needed!! I just used a pair or scissors to bend the metal tacks over tightly.

Once all 3 pieces of string were tightly in place, I added my photos. I wanted this photo display to hold some of our Orlando photos. I already had these Simple Stories -mini chipboard frames that were perfect for this project.


I printed off the photos on to a couple of sheets of A4 photo papers and stuck the frames over the top on to the photos and cut around once dry.

I then pegged the photos to the strings.

I also had a pack of the matching Simple Stories – chipboard pieces, so used some of these.

I wanted to turn them red so took a red marker pen and coloured them. Nothing fancy, no special paints or inks, just an old marker pen.

I added the chipboard pieces to the pegs and the frame.

I took some of the Simple Stories tags to decorate the frame a little. They were perfect.

I’m so pleased with how this project came out and it looks great in the hallway on the wall.

 You don’t have to use or make chipboard frames, you cute just attach you photos as they are to the strings. It’s also great as you can change your photos as often as you like. If you take as many photos as I do, this could be the perfect way to display your photos : )

Lisa x