It was my birthday last month.

We both took the day off work to do something ‘nice’. You almost feel like there’s some kind of pressure to do something amazing on your birthday. I couldn’t think of what we should do and then a couple of weeks before I decided that I wanted to visit The Packhouse near Farnham. It’s somewhere that I’ve been wanting to go to and we just haven’t gotten around to it.

The sign made me smile as we pulled up.

Yes, that’s what I wanted today, be be surrounded by beautiful things.

We pulled up outside this big old beautiful barn style building. I’d read that parts of the building are 4oo years old.

You get that feeling that there is just so much to see, your eyes keep wandering and you just don’t know where or when to fix them on something. These did catch our eyes though.

The entrance is really lovely, but it was really cold and I just wanted to get inside rather than spend too long outside looking around.

As you walk in, you can go left and right. There is a large desk in front of you where you can pay. We went left. It was like entering Aladins cave.

See what I mean???

There was stuff everywhere but so beautifully laid out. It felt well organised despite there being so much stuff and it didn’t feel dirty either. We just wandered around in awe. Within a couple of minutes I’d already picked up a small sign and also found a little inspiration for kit #3 (wink wink).

Rooms lead in to more rooms, I liked how it flowed. The kitchen/dining area gave us so many ideas. Hubby wants to make these jar lights.  They are so cool!!

It was all split over different levels and there were rooms upon rooms.

And what felt like large walk in cupboard areas too.

I could have spent a fortune, instead I came away with a £3 sign for the gallery wall that we are putting together for the stairway and a head full of ideas.

It’s only a 20min drive from us. We can’t wait to go back again.

We did stop for lunch in the Fig Cafe there and would also recommend. We had a hot lunch which was delicious and very reasonably priced, although busy. You can book ahead.

If you fancy visiting The Packhouse, you can see their site here. It’s really worth a visit.

I’m so glad that we came here on my birthday. We had so much fun.