Vicki’s Happy House Planner

Hiya Vicki here,

These new planners here from Lisa are amazing! It’s a blue A5 ring planner and a much better size to set up our home organisation/maintenance planner. I had this setup already in personal size but felt it was too small.
I’ve used a lot of LBC printables in the different sections. The monthly calendars I’ve popped in at the front and are perfect for having a quick glance at for the next couple of months.
The new cleaning/dinner/this week ones are really handy too and I’m loving using them!
It covers most of the important stuff to keep a happy house! House details/insurance, important numbers, budgeting, cleaning, decorating projects, meal planning, car details, pet info and lots of other bits.
The size is so much better for fitting all the info in. I still love having pretty front pockets but the big secretarial pockets will soon be full of stuff! I’ve already got paint charts and menus in the back.
Hope you all have an organised day too!
Vicki X