I treated myself to a few hours out of the studio one afternoon this week. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, but I always find when I take a little break, my creativity really recharges and I come back feeling refreshed with new ideas.

On this particular afternoon, a friend and I went with our daughters to a local farm and picked berries and veggies. It was so much fun. On the other side of the road is Holme Grange Craft Village. We’d planned to have a wander and have coffee and cake outside in the courtyard. It was a really lovely afternoon. On the way out we found a little hut that I hadn’t spotted there before. We nosed through the window and decided to go inside. It was like stepping in to Aladdin’s Cave.



Jaime (not Janey) is the owner of The Shabby Chic Hut and is such a lovely lady. Very chatty and gives a very warm welcome. She loves to paint and restore.  I could have bought so many items here but I need a bigger house. We seem to have run out of space for new furniture.


I really wanted this sewing table for our lounge, I’ve been looking for something like this. But the colours are wrong for us. It’s all teals and oranges for our room.


This old style telephone table/seat really caught my eye too. Did your Grandparents also have these at the bottom of their stairs? If only I had the space. I still keep wondering where I can squeeze it in.


As well as beautiful restored furniture which is very very reasonably priced, their are also lots of knick knacks in the store.


A great place to come for a more unusual gift.



I just fell in love with this little store and can’t wait to visit again. You can find their Facebook page here. And if you are in the area, I recommend a visit.

Whilst in the store I bought a clock for my growing gallery wall in my studio.

Gallery Wall 2

It looks perfect on this wall next to my desk.

Gallery wall 1

I love how this wall is slowly growing. I’m having so much fun creating and finding new treasures for it.

So not only did I recharge whilst I spent an afternoon out of the studio, I found a new favourite store and I found a new piece for my gallery wall.  Happy Days!!!