If you haven’t opened your mystery gift yet from your March Kit.

I hope you like your mystery gift this month. I thought I’d show you how I’ve used mine.

I decided to turn it in to a countdown. I work long days and mostly 7 days a week, so I like to have something to plan for and look forward to. I find having a countdown really helps. It’s like having a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your countdown doesn’t have to be a trip, it could be anything that you look forward to….an upcoming visit with a friend or family member, a concert/festival/theatre, a day trip, dinner out, favourite tv show starting, new baby, Christmas…..anything that makes you happy.


I started with my chalkboard and glitter glue. These glitter glues are so easy to apply.


But they do take a while to dry, so do this first and set to one side for a while.


I took a 4×6 white flat frame and the spotty paper from the kit. I cut the paper in to strips to fit the frame.


And then stuck the strips of paper on with regular PVA glue.


I took a piece of 4×6 white card and printed what we are counting down to. You could also write on your’s or decorate with stickers and embellishments.


I put the frame back together again, leaving out the glass and pegged the chalkboard to the top of the frame. We now have a new countdown.


What are you counting down to????