We have a thing for foxes in our house. It’s been going on for a while now. Little foxes just keep popping up all over the place.

Foxy cushions, foxy wall art, foxy mugs, foxy stationery, crochet foxes, foxy lunch boxes…..they are everywhere. We’ve even ended up decorating our lounge with hints of orange and teal to go with the foxy look.  This little piece of art is on my gallery wall in the lounge. I picked up a vintagey frame from a thrift store for just £1. Took the glass out, added papers and some twine. 10 mins later and I have a new piece for my wall.

It all started when my husband, Ade, would come home from the late night doggie walks and talk about all the foxes that he would see. We have a little primary school at the end of the road and there must be a foxy den there. There’s a fair bit of woodland and when you walk past at night there are quite a few around. One time he came running back as the cubs were out. So we pulled the kids out of bed, popped their shoes on (it was a warm evening) and we ran up the road to watch the cubs playing.

We do love the foxes…..but no so much when the cubs start to leave their Mums and start crying in the night. That noise is dreadful and it starts our dog of yapping too. It’s the only time she barks, That’s not quite so funny at 4am in the morning.

I have a lovely board of inspiration on Pinterest this month. Lots of sweet foxy fun. Take a look here.

Here are some highlights that I just love. Just click on each link to view :


   I really want to give this a go. So sweet.


Free knitting patterns here.


Free printables.


Cookies with recipe and tutorial here.


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And lots of foxy things here.

Plus lots and lots more.

I hope this inspires you and gives you a little foxy fun today.

Lisa …..the crazy one who loves foxes xxx