I Love Happy Mail Hoop – from Vicki


Hey Vicki here,

I hope you’re all having a great week!
I’ve made a piece of happy mail and can’t wait to send it out! It’s a filled hoop!
I’ve seen a lot of Youtube videos and Instagram posts recently of people getting crafty with embroidery hoops and loved the idea!
I bought a small 5 inch hoop and drew around the outside onto one of the papers and cut it out. I used a different paper and cut a semi circle the same size. I glued the circle to the back of the hoop and semi circle on the front to make a little pocket.
I  added a lace and ribbon trim to the top of the front paper and decorated below with the ‘hello’ embellishment and some stickers.
I used the mystery gift envelope and hot glued a peg onto the back. I found some extra sentiments I had and popped them inside the envelope.
To fill the hoop I used a few tags with paperclips and washi on, I tucked a bit of the trim ribbon in and made a pocket from one one the papers to keep all the die cuts and stickers together.
I used double sided tape to make the pocket then just did a quick stitch around the outside. I added a few stickers to the front for decoration.
I put it all inside the hoop pocket then clipped the pegs on the top. I can’t wait to do a few more bits with hoops!
Thanks for reading!
Vicki x