(photo credit goes to Sandra Fairlee)

This month’s mystery gift is a very special one and very close to my heart. It’s been combined with the monthly DIY. (You can still buy a kit here).

I wanted this month’s gift to ooooooze positivity, to be a really special gift for all of you. I approached Geraldine, from Geraldine Jayne as she is one of the most positive people I know. And she came up with this wonderful idea.

Each package contains this handmade charm by Geraldine, along with the string to make it in to a necklace. That being said, you can attached it to your blag or planner or anywhere else you choose.

There is also a piece of water colour paper. This is for you to get creative with. This is where the DIY comes in.

Word of the Year 

So, the water colour paper is for your ‘word of the year’.

What’s ‘word of the year’ you ask???

If you aren’t familiar with ‘word of the year’, this is something that you think of. A word that has good meaning for you. A word to inspire you, help you drive forward. A word that keeps you focused when life gets cloudy.

I’ve been setting myself a ‘word of the year’ for quite a few years now. I tend to scrapbook my word.

Here’s one that I made a couple of years ago…. The word was ‘to-do’.


I set myself a ‘to-do’ list for the year. We are good at knowing what we need to do, but not always getting around to do it. So my word ‘to-do’ was there to keep me focused on getting things done. Not necessarily just what was on the list, but life in general. Stop thinking and do!!


My word for 2017, was going to be ‘forward’. Moving forward. That applies to life, family, goals and business. I’ve also got a tricky family member that really brings alot of negativity to my life and it gets to me. I need to move forward and not let things get to me.

But with all the planning of this kit last year, I decided that there are no rules when it comes to ‘word of the year’, so I decided to have 3 words. ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’.

I need to start making things happen….so procrastinating…..stop worrying…..stop planning….and start making it happen!!


So once, you have decided on your word(s) it’s time to decorate your card.

I’ve used water colours, alpha stamps and also the paper and the embellishment sheet from the January kit to decorate.


And then I stitched around the outside. I cut the yellow tag up from the box to create a frame and added some twine from the kit and a binder clip that I already had.

Now that you have decorated your card, the idea is that you put it somewhere to remind you of your word.



I’ve popped a pin into a shelf in my studio to hang it with the clip.


You wear your necklace and this reminds you of your special word and empowers you when you need it to.


I really hope that you like this months gift/DIY and I hope that it helps you as much as it does me each year.

Claire from our creative team has shared her’s with us too.


Claire’s word this year is ‘focus’. A powerful word. I love how she’s decorated her card using the January Kit. It’s so beautiful. Very Claire!!


I would now like to point you in the direction of the wonderful Geraldine…. Find her Here…  Geraldine has a blog post to go with her lucky charm and you can hear what she has to say about this. She’s a wonderful source of positivity to be around. I can not thank her enough for the work that she has put in to our gifts this month. Not only because it’s so beautiful what she has made for us, but also because of the positive effect I know this will have on my life and hopefully on your’s too…..Thank you Geraldine.

Please do join us over at our private chat group here… we’d love to hear about your word this year. Come and be inspired and help inspire other people.

Have a wonderful weekend friends xxx

ps….if you have any ‘non blunt’ ways of tackling tricky family members…..please do share : )