Make your Marker with Claire – June Kit

Every time I’m in the stationery aisle, I’m on the lookout for subject notebooks. The dividers inside them are the thin plastic, usually translucent, like this one, so they are perfect for making making durable page markers for your planner.

I chose to go with a pink one to match the acrylic today marker in this months kit.

I trimmed it to size, punched the holes and created small slits so it can easily be taken in and out of my planner without opening the rings. This works equally well in a happy planner, as it fits around the discs perfectly.

As it’s plastic, you could add sticky notes to make it more than a functional dashboard. Perfect for shopping or todo lists.

If you don’t have any subject dividers, or don’t want to cut up your notebook, you could use the same technique but use paper and laminate it. The today marker would also look great on a paper clip.