I’d like you to meet Hollie today. Hollie has started working for me at Lollipop. I thought I would introduce you to Hollie today and tell you a little about her.

Firstly she’s my daughter and one of my besties. She’s almost 16 and just left school and is doing her GCSE’s.  She really is my mini me. We could not be more alike if we tried, which is probably why we get along so well. She paints, she bakes, loves Disney and she drinks lots of tea.

Hollie has a passion for art and is continuing on to study art as one of her A Levels (as well as English, Biology and Religious Studies). She’s seriously thinking about going on the to art college. Her dream is to be a Disney artist one day (and a Disney princess before that!!).

As well as helping with the making and packing of the Lollipop Kits, Hollie has also started designing for us too. Remember that globe from the Bon Voyage kit sneak????

Bon voyage Kit fb now on sale

That’s a print from a water colour painting that Hollie created.  I have some more of Hollie’s art to share with you. She’s going to be setting up an Etsy store this Summer once her exams are finished to start selling her art. I’m so proud of her.

hollie art 1

Hollie art 2

hollie art 3

I’m really looking forward to Hollie working with me this summer. I think it’s going to be fun.

In case you missed my first blog post where I introduced myself here, you can read that here. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Lisa xx